Popular Cafes In London
The love of coffee in the UK is crazy. According to statistics, the British people can consume 55 million cups of coffee every day (the British people are less than 70 million), and there is also the International Coffee Festival in October every year.
Here are some of the most popular cafes in London, many of which are independent cafes with a good reputation.
1. Kaffeine
Kaffeine is one of the most popular coffee shops in the UK, and many coffee shops have Kaffeine at the top of the list. This is a mixed Australian and New Zealand cafe that opened in 2009.
Their coffee beans are selected from Square Mile, the world's best roasting company, and all baristas have at least three years of professional work experience. Even the size of the coffee cups are carefully considered in order to bring out the full flavor of each coffee.
They also have coffee classes that teach you how to pick, grind and brew coffee, how to make a latte, and more.
2. Monmouth Coffee Company
This cafe in Covent Garden is usually an old shop that coffee lovers are most familiar with. There are long queues outside every day. This is one of the few coffee shops in London that chooses their own coffee beans, roasts their own beans, and is hand-brewed by baristas.
They also sell freshly baked bread, cakes and other small desserts of the day. If you like their coffee, you can also buy their organic beans and try to brew a cup of coffee at home.
3. Curators Coffee
Don't think that there are only chain cafes near the buzzing Oxford Circus. In fact, there is a famous independent cafe hidden behind Topshop's flagship store, that is Curators Coffee Gallery.
The overall black and white gray and solid wood color bar are matched, the golden coffee pot can be seen everywhere in the store, and the honeycomb hexagon on the wall is full of design sense. Their coffee beans come from the famous Colonna Coffee in the UK, roasted exclusively for them.
The home-made 'Exhibition' espresso has a smooth taste and a strong aroma of coffee. The coffee shop also provides tea, freshly made salads, sandwiches and cakes every day.
4. Prufrock Coffee
Prufrock Coffee can also be regarded as an Internet celebrity cafe, with coffee beans from Square Mile and other parts of Europe. If you don't want to drink espresso, the store also has high-end hand-brewed coffee.
The store is filled with a variety of coffee machines and steaming tools, and each barista has his own way of steaming.
5. Look Mum No Hands!
Look Mum No Hands is also a specialty independent cafe that cannot be missed in the East End. LMNH is a shop opened by three partners who both love coffee and cycling, so it is both a coffee shop and a repair shop. Its decoration is very distinctive, and the decorations are bicycles or bicycle parts.
Their coffee uses Square Mile's signature Red Brick Espresso Blend to ensure the quality, and the food is quite delicious. Many office workers around come here for lunch.
6. Ozone Coffee Roasters
Located in East London, Ozone Coffee is a boutique coffee shop that has been making coffee since 1998. Specialty coffee shops are independent shops that are different from ordinary chain coffee shops. They generally use specialty coffee.
This type of coffee refers to coffee made from green beans with excellent taste characteristics that have been grown in a few extremely ideal geographical environments.
Don't underestimate these small coffee beans, they all have their own unique flavors, and you need to taste them yourself, including Plum, Cinnamon, Apricot and other tastes.