Recommended Hiking Routes
What are the fun things to do in the UK as spring approaches? Taking advantage of the spring flowers, it is better to invite friends to hike in the suburbs of England. This article will recommend some places to travel for spring hikes.
If you see your favorite route, you may wish to do more strategies and find a sunny day to exercise your muscles!
1. Cotswolds: Broadway – Winchcombe
Where is the most beautiful countryside in England? The Cotswolds must be on the list, a hilly region known as the "heart of England" in the south west of England. The Cotswolds are people's perfect image of the English countryside.
Most of the towns here are in the mountains, and each has its own merits. Broadway and Winchcombe are located in the English countryside. Many people come to hike between these two towns. Spring and summer are the perfect hiking season here.
This walk is mainly beech woodland along the way, and you can hear the singing of the lark, but it will pass through three typical Cotswold English villages of Wood Stanway, Stanway and Stanton, which is definitely the best choice for exploring spring! However, be aware that wet weather can be muddy.
2. North Yorkshire: Pateley Bridge (Circular)
The Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (Nidderdale AONB) is a scenic area located in North Yorkshire, England. The looping route along the Pateley Bridge has the stunning natural geological wonder of Brimham Rock.
Through woodland and rolling fields, you can enjoy stunning views of the valley. And this large stretch of Niederdale has very long roads, so there are plenty of options for you, whether it's a short or more challenging hike.
3. Lancashire: Dunsop Bridge – Whitendale
This hiking route is located in Lancashire (Lancashire) in the northwest of England, and the committee recommends it to experienced walkers. Because this road will pass through the waterfall and the itinerary is relatively steep, it is recommended to travel from March to October.
It is a good choice for hikers who prefer wilderness and inaccessible trails. Because the road stretches for miles, in addition to seeing some historic roads, there will be fewer hikers. But for people unfamiliar with British road conditions, it would be a safer choice to be able to go with the locals!
4. Kent: Cooling Village
Cooling Village, a sparsely populated town in Kent, England, reveals a mellow vista in spring. On foot here you'll pass marshlands that stretch to the Thames, port villages, and a nature reserve where you can see many birds.
Many believe that the tombstone here was the inspiration for Charles Dickens' description of the cemetery in the opening scene of his novel Great Expectations. However, along these country roads, pay more attention to the traffic on the road.
5. Northumberland: Lindisfarne
Northumberland is the most northeastern part of England. It is bordered by the Scottish Borders in the north and the North Sea in the east. It has a coastline of nearly 80 kilometers in the North Sea. And just a few miles off the coast lies the mysterious island of Lindisfarne, also known as the Holy Island.
The most interesting thing here is that it is a tidal island. As a tidal island, at high tide, the entire island is immersed in the sea. Therefore, tourists have only two opportunities to land on the island every day. When you go, you must be optimistic about the timing, or you will have to swim back when the tide is high.
Of course, you can also choose to stay on the island. In spring, especially May, the island is quieter than the crowded midsummer season, with marigolds, lilacs of lilac and forget-me-nots blooming all over the island.
Hiking here, breathing the salty sea breeze, seabirds hovering in the sky, and the singing of the little meadow and long-tailed wagtails will definitely make you feel refreshed!