100% Fruit Juice
Oranges are rich in sugar and many vitamins, especially vitamin C. In addition, oranges contain a variety of beneficial substances, such as citric acid, malic acid, hesperidin, carotene, and sugar.
Orange juice is a juice made from fresh oranges. Relatively fresh, high nutritional value, sour and sweet taste, suitable for young and old. So, what are the effects of fresh orange juice?
1. The thirst.
Oranges contain vitamin C and organic acids. After eating orange juice, it can stimulate the secretion of saliva, and has the effect of producing fluid and quenching thirst, reducing food and qi.
Because oranges are rich in dietary fiber and have the effect of strengthening the stomach and removing oil, they are suitable for eating half an hour after meals.
2. Wake up and stop vomiting.
Orange juice with a hint of citrus sweetness has a dampening and soothing effect.
When you feel nauseous and upset stomach, you can drink some orange juice to help relieve it.
For people prone to motion sickness, you can carry orange juice with you at all times. Pregnant women with severe morning sickness in the early stages of pregnancy can also carry around a bottle of orange juice to ease the discomfort.
3. Clear your stomach.
When an orange is juiced, the outer wall of its flesh is also contained in the juice.
Orange juice contains vitamins, colloid, and dietary fiber. After eating can promote gastrointestinal motility, speed up the speed of food through the digestive tract, and make stool lipid and cholesterol content increase.
The most important step in making orange juice is to pick out fresh oranges.
How to pick a good orange.
1. Look at the size.
Large oranges tend to have thick skin rather than full flesh. Young oranges tend to be stunted and have poor taste. So a medium orange is the best.
2. Look at colors.
Orange yellow and shiny oranges are usually best.
3. Look at the bottom.
Oranges with distinct small circles at the bottom are generally good oranges.
4. Feel resilient.
Squeeze the orange with your hands to feel the elasticity of the flesh. If you feel the flesh is not hard, you can let it go and restore it. This is orange with thin skin and thick flesh and a lot of moisture.
Once you've chosen your oranges, you should learn how to make orange juice.
1 orange
30g sugar
100ml water
Prepare the oranges and sugar. Peel and cut the oranges.
Place the oranges in a wall breaker and add 30g of white sugar.
Add 100ml water, start the wall breaker and start juicing.
Pour into a cup.
And that's a glass of fresh orange juice.
You can drink it once a week to improve your body's immunity.