Simple Equipment
Because practice without sound named dumbbell. For patients with motor paralysis, pain, and low muscle strength caused by long-term inactivity, they can hold dumbbells and use the weight of dumbbells to actively resist resistance exercise and build muscle strength.
Several common types of dumbbells.
1. Rubber-covered dumbbells.
As the name suggests, the exterior is covered with rubber and the interior is usually filled with stone powder or cement. Rubber-covered dumbbells are relatively quiet to the ground, thanks to the rubber outer layer, but they are larger.
If used for a long time, it will have a rubbery smell. It is so cold in winter that it may become hard and even crack.
2. Electroplating dumbbells.
It is made of cast iron and has a fine electroplated surface. This dumbbell has high density and hardness. It does not wear easily because of its high hardness.
Compared to rubber dumbbells, it is smaller in size, but the texture is too hard. When it collides with other facilities, it can damage other things.
3. Sponge dumbbells.
Maybe these dumbbells don't sound very common. In short, the dumbbell's iron body is protected by a layer of sponge. It is safer to use, but relatively lightweight. The heaviest dumbbell is only 2kg.
4. Fill dumbbells.
As the name suggests, these dumbbells need to be filled with water. It's a plastic shell. Usually, dumbbells weigh very little when there is no water in them, so they are light and easy for us to carry.
At the same time, the amount of water injection can be adjusted. This dumbbell can hold a kilo of water at most.
The benefits of dumbbells.
1. Lose excess fat, trim your muscles and create a perfect body.
2. Often do heavy dumbbell exercises, which can make muscle fiber thicken, increase muscle mass, and increase muscle endurance and strength.
3. Target muscles can be trained through different exercise methods to improve endurance and strength of target muscles.
4. Enhance cardiopulmonary function, increase vital capacity, improve cardiac beat volume, and provide more sufficient blood and oxygen for each organ of the body.
5. Enhance the body's immunity, improve the body's resistance to disease, and reduce disease.
Points for attention when practicing dumbbells.
1. Make sure your movements are standard.
In sports, non-standard action is easy to cause joint injury, this is because in dumbbell exercise, the pressure on the joint is very large, slight deviation of the action will cause joint sprain, small muscle group muscle fiber strain, etc.
2. The weight must be right.
Don't be overweight, overweight dumbbells are easy to pull your muscles, but can not achieve the effect of training; Don't be too light, too light dumbbells can not achieve the purpose of shaping.
The increase in strength should not be hasty, but gradual.
Finding the right exercise equipment for you can always bring surprising results.