Cool Feeling
Rattan chair is one of the world's oldest varieties of furniture, first brought to Europe by merchant ships in the 17th century.
Rattan furniture is breathable and fresh to the touch, and the coolness it brings in the summer is unmatched by other furniture.
Rattan furniture has a strict raw material treatment process and a fully handmade furniture manufacturing process and is known as the craft of furniture.
Processing of rattan
After harvesting the mature rattan plants, the leaves and sheaths are stripped off and the original rattan is obtained, which is then dried and knotted, graded according to the length, color, and degree of defects of the rattan, bundled and packed, and stored in dry and ventilated warehouses or sold.
The rattan of good quality is yellowish-white and free from damage.
The raw rattan exported from Indonesia is soaked in diesel and coconut oil at the harvesting and processing site to reduce the water content of the rattan, prevent insects and corrosion, and improve the oil's smoothness.
After treating the rattan with sulfur, it will not dry out and crack even after decades.
Selection method
1. Examine whether the rattan chair material is excellent.
Rattan surface wrinkles indicate that the furniture is processed with young rattan, poor toughness, low strength, easy to break, and corrosion.
Rattan chairs with materials, most of the rattan from Indonesia, Malaysia, and other Southeast Asian countries.
In these rattan hard textures, the head, and tail thicknesses are consistent.
Rattan material of choice is imported rattan material from Indonesia.
2. Grab the edge of the rattan chair with both hands and gently shake it to see if the frame is solid.
3. Use the palm of your hand to brush the surface of the chair once, a good rattan chair is very smooth.
The longer the rattan furniture is used, the smoother and more lustrous it is.
4. Look at the chair's surface to see if the luster is uniform and whether there are spots, foreign colors, and traces of insect infestation.
Maintenance methods
1. When cleaning rattan chairs, use a soft moderate short-haired brush or wet towel to remove surface dust.
2. Once a month with light salt water wipe, will enhance the toughness and gloss of the rattan chair.
3. If you move the rattan chair, please lift it so as not to drag your floor bad.
4. The product should not be exposed to the sun, direct sunlight for a long time may make the product fade.
5. Note that furniture should not be soaked in water, exposed to the sun, or hit hard.
The correct maintenance can extend the service life of the product.
If you happen to have a rattan chair, use these methods to maintain it.