Cowboy Fashion
Until the 1920s, jeans were the main workwear of western workers.
With the popularity of western cowboy movies in the 1930s, jeans, which appeared frequently in the movies, gradually came into the public eye.
Roy Rogers, a male movie star known as the "King of Cowboys" in the United States, won the hearts of many fans with his image of a cowboy outfit.
From this period, denim gradually left the concept of work pants and became popular with all ages and all classes.
Then, gradually, from workers and students to rich businessmen and Hollywood stars, and even royalty, all began to wear this relaxed and casual clothing.
The story of how denim took the world by a storm can be traced back to Los Angeles in the 1950s.
Los Angeles is located in the southern part of California, which is a beautiful and unforgettable seaside city.
The world-famous "movie kingdom" Hollywood, the fascinating Disneyland, the handsome Beverly Hills, and so on, make Los Angeles a world-famous tourist city and movie city.
With the popularity of western cowboy movies, when the male movie star Roy Rogers appeared in the public eye in a cowboy costume, a large number of fans fell for it.
Roy Rogers probably did not expect that his rugged, romantic, and dashing image would create a global cowboy storm, spreading from the west coast of the United States to every corner of the world.
From that period, denim clothing gradually moved away from the concept of work pants, and gradually workers, students, rich businessmen, Hollywood stars, and even royalty, presidents, and first ladies began to wear this relaxed and casual clothing.
Never in the history of mankind has there been a fashion product that has crossed every social category we can imagine: nationality, class, gender, age, etc., and has been loved by people all over the world like the cowboy.
Cowboy culture has become a great representative of American culture along with the image of cowboys in western movies.
And cowboy clothing, then, has become a distinctive symbol of American cowboy culture.
The earliest jeans were not the most common blue color nowadays, but brown, and the waist was also cut high enough for workers to wear it on the outside of regular pants.
For reinforcement, brand new brass buttons were used at the pockets and at the trouser gates, which have now become a time-honored iconic element of denim.
Denim has been around since the invention of denim in the 19th century. In everyone's closet, jeans are almost a must-have item of clothing.
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