Journey to a German Castle
Hello, Lykkers! Welcome to the Neuschwanstein Castle where beauty and elegance are everyone’s top priority. Be ready to walk as it offers something magical for everyone to discover.
Neuschwanstein Castle is a beautiful palace in Germany, built in the 19th century. It looks like something from a fairytale story and is indeed inspired by Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle. Let's dive into the journey to surround yourselves with the dense forests and enjoy the unparalleled views of a striking castle.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Transportation and Tips
If you are going to visit the castle, the highly recommended transportation is by train for 2 hours from Munich to Füssen, the closest train station to Neuschwanstein. And you transfer to a 10-minute bus from Füssen to Schwangau where the castle is located. Once arriving, you can get an on-site ticket at the Ticket Center Hohenschwangau, and it costs 250 € per person.
Before entering, do not forget to leave some of your belongings outside such as rucksacks and child carriers when bulky objects are considered to potentially damage the castle. You can check more prohibited items by clicking the website:
Best Things:
Enjoy panoramic views: Climb to the top of the castle towers or ramparts to enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.
Visit museums and exhibitions: Learn more about the castle's history, inhabitants, and artifacts by visiting on-site museums and exhibitions.
Soak in the fairytale story: Embark on a guided tour through the halls of Neuschwanstein Castle, where every room tells a story of Bavarian royalty and romanticism as if you've stepped into the pages of a magical tale.
Explore the grounds: Wander through the castle grounds, gardens, and courtyards to appreciate the beauty of the landscape and discover hidden gems.
After a long day of exploration, you might be exhausted, and here is a recommended hotel for you.
Hotel Müller is one of the most sought-after hotels for tourists at Neuschwanstein Castle with comfortable rooms, with many views of the castle and the surrounding mountains. Its warm hospitality, convenient location, and cozy atmosphere also make it a popular choice among visitors exploring the area.

Hotel Müller

Check-in time: 2:00 PM
Check-out time: 11:00 AM
Cost: On average, prices range from €1000 to €2000 per night for standard rooms. However, luxury hotels may cost more, sometimes exceeding €3000 per night.
Food: Famous delights like pretzels, Alpine specialties such as cheese fondue, and international cuisine like Italian and Asian dishes, are all good for your taste buds there. Also, don't miss out on freshly baked pastries.
Contact: For more information, call the number 49 7442 492 622 or visit the online website:
Are you ready to immerse yourselves in the adventure to the magic Neuschwanstein Castle? Picture yourselves wandering along the castle's vintage and beautifully- designed hall and enjoy the panoramic views of the luxury forests and towering mountains. So, Lykkers, let the adventure begin.