Thrills on Two Wheels
Hello, Lykkers! Grab your gear and let's dive into a global biking journey that pedals through the heart of adventure, endurance, and the unbreakable human spirit.
Our route today maps out a trail through legendary races that test the limits of cyclists worldwide. Are you ready for the ride of a lifetime? Let's get moving!
1. Across the Alpine Passes: The Grandeur of the Tour de France
The Tour de France is not just a race; it's a monumental saga of human will versus the raw elements of nature. Picture the grueling ascents through the French Alps, where each pedal push elevates you above the ordinary into realms of pure determination.
Cyclists here don’t just battle the mountains; they engage in a dance with history, tracing the paths of legends who've left their sweat and tears on these very routes.
Imagine yourself amid this peloton of dreams, navigating through serpentine turns with a backdrop painted in breathtaking vistas—where pain meets rapture. Have you ever envisioned tackling these legendary climbs? Which segment beckons you the most—the daunting ascent of Mont Ventoux or the thrilling descent into Morzine?
Basic Information for You
(1) Opening Time and Duration:
It takes place every July and usually lasts 21-24 days.
(2) Length and Stages
The Tour de France spans almost 3,500 kilometers (2,200 mi) total and has 21 stages most in France. But in recent years, it's also common to visit nearby countries such as Italy, Belgium, Denmark, and Germany.
(3) Prize
The Tour de France offers riders substantial prize money across various categories such as youngest riders, points winners, best aggressive riders, and so on.
Meanwhile, individual stage riders have a prize of $541 while each rider, crossing the finish line in Paris after the final stage above the 160th position, will receive $1083. Prize money is also awarded to the top 19 finishers in the race, ranging from $758 to $1191.
(4) Website
Click on the website for more details:
2. The Desert's Call: The Titan Desert
Transitioning from the Alpine chill to the scorching sands, the Titan Desert in Morocco stands as a testament to biking’s versatility. It's where the mountain bike meets the marathon in a blend of endurance, navigation, and sheer willpower. The Moroccan landscape unfolds in layers— from dunes that wave like the ocean to rocky outcrops that challenge every ounce of your skill.
Racing under the North African sun, one is forced to question: Is it the challenge that drives you, or the sheer beauty of the landscape? Visualize the moment of crossing the finish line, not just surviving but thriving in an environment that pushes you to your limits. Could this be your ultimate test?
Basic Information for You
(1) Opening Time and Duration:
Annually held in April and lasting 6 days
(2) Length and Stages:
Covering a length of 7,500 meters in 6 stages with an average distance of about 110 km each.
(3) Participation:
This race is accessible to riders of all genders who are older than 16. Participants under 18 need permission from a parent or guardian.
(4) Contact Number:
Make a call at +34 934315533 for more information.

Big Alpine Day With Hair-Raising Descent To Finish! | Tour De France 2023 Highlights - Stage 14

Video by GCN Racing

3. Beneath the Northern Lights: The Arctic Race of Norway
Our next path leads us under the mesmerizing dance of the Northern Lights. The Arctic Race of Norway is where the rugged beauty of Scandinavia becomes both a cyclist’s dream and a formidable challenge. Here, the air is sharp, the climbs are steep, and the descents are a rush of adrenaline.
This race is a unique blend of natural beauty and biking fury, offering cyclists the rare opportunity to ride under the aurora borealis. The stark landscapes, dotted with fjords and villages, serve not just as a backdrop but as a vital component of the race's character. What's it like to cycle with the aurora overhead, in a place where the sun barely sets?
Basic Information for You
(1) Opening Time and Duration:
Annually held in August and lasting 4 days
(2) Length and Stages
This cycling race consists of 4 stages and varies in complexity and length every year, ranging from 600km to 800km.
(3) Website:
The requirements for participation change every year, so if you are interested in this race, learn more information by clicking the website:
Your Pedal-Powered Dreams
These races are waypoints on the vast map of global cycling challenges. Each carries its own stories of triumph, camaraderie, and the indomitable spirit of cyclists who dare to dream. But the journey doesn't end here. Our world is filled with countless paths to pedal, from the cobblestone streets of Belgian classics to the high-altitude tests of the Andes.
So, Lykkers, what's the pinnacle of your biking dreams? Have you embarked on an adventure that pushed you to the brink, or is there a race out there that calls to you, whispering promises of glory and personal discovery?
Until our wheels meet again, keep sharing your stories. They're the heartbeat of our community, the inspiration that keeps us pedaling towards the horizon.