Nail Polish
Nowadays, the culture of nail art has gradually been embraced by people, but there are still some who, due to various reasons, choose to do their nails at home.
However, a common problem they often encounter is that newly purchased nail polish tends to dry up after a while. So, what can you do when your nail polish dries up?
1. Regular nail polish typically contains volatile organic solvents, so over time, most of the solvents evaporate, leaving behind solid residue that makes the nail polish dry and difficult to apply. Therefore, when not in use, store your nail polish in a dark place with the cap tightly closed.
Storing it in the refrigerator is also a good idea. Before use, shake it well and keep it in a dark place. This way, the lifespan of your nail polish will be extended.
2. If you love a particular bottle of nail polish and can't bear to throw it away, you can buy a bottle of clear nail polish and add some to the dried one. Shake well to mix evenly.
3. For natural water-based nail polish, the problem is much easier. During application, the bottle remains unsealed, allowing water to evaporate into the air, especially in the summer. So, after using natural nail polish two or three times, if you find it thickening, simply add a drop of water, shake well, and it's ready to use again.
If it thickens again after some time, add another drop of water, repeating this process until you've used it all, and your nail polish won't dry out!
4. You can add a few drops of perfume to nail polish that has already dried up a bit, but be careful not to add too much. Also, avoid using it with metallic finishes as it may dull their original shine. Any type of perfume will work, just ensure it's not too low-quality.
5. Adding some organic solvent can thin out the nail polish. However, it's important to note that most components of nail polish are flammable hazardous chemicals, typically only available at chemical supply stores. Furthermore, they are often sold in larger packages, which can be somewhat inconvenient to purchase.

How to choose nail polish

1. Color: Consider your skin tone, outfit, and occasion when choosing a color. Bright colors like red or pink are suitable for some, while others prefer neutral tones like nude or gray.
2. Texture: Choose between glossy, matte, shiny, or pearl textures based on personal preference and the desired effect.
3. Longevity: Opt for nail polish with good staying power to avoid the hassle of frequent touch-ups.
4. Ingredients: Look for nail polish labeled "3-Free," "5-Free," or "7-Free," indicating that it's free from harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP.
In conclusion, nail art is not just a fashion statement but also a way to express personality and taste. Let's flaunt our confidence and charm with beautiful nails!