Eyes Are Red
Rabbits are timid creatures and can make judgments with keen hearing when encountering enemies. Rabbits are herbivores. Rabbits are divided into young rabbits and adult rabbits. Rabbits are nocturnal and start feeding and moving at night. Try not to disturb your rabbit's sleep during the day.
Why are rabbits' eyes red?
The eyes of white rabbits are usually red, and that is because the eyes of white rabbits are transparent, and red is only the color of blood.
The color of a rabbit's eyes corresponds to the color of its own fur. White rabbits have less pigment, so most of the eyeballs are transparent and look reddish, but it does not rule out that the rabbit's eyes are diseased.
What should I do if the rabbit smells too bad?
Rabbits have a relatively large amount of feces and urine each day, and the smell of these substances is relatively large. It is recommended that owners buy pet deodorant or dry cleaning powder for rabbits, and pay attention to regularly cleaning the rabbit's cage, feces and urine.
In summer, it is recommended that the owner clean the rabbit cage every 1-2 days, and remove the rabbit feces and urine every day.
If the home is relatively large, try to keep the rabbit in a cool and ventilated place.
The most taboo thing about rabbit cages is getting wet. First, it can soil the rabbit and make the rabbit sick. Second, water and rabbit urine are not good together.
The water that rabbits drink must be pure water and should be changed every day.
What do you need to pay attention to when raising rabbits?
The living environment of rabbits should be hygienic, dry and ventilated. If the environment is humid and unsanitary, it is easy to breed bacteria and cause skin diseases in rabbits.
It is recommended that young rabbits go to the hospital to check for coccidiosis, and do not feed coccidiosis drugs indiscriminately.
If the rabbit's cage is a dog cage, you should add a wooden board to the cage to place its feet. If you don't keep your feet on your feet for a long time, it can cause foot dermatitis, which is difficult to cure.
If the rabbit eats vegetables and causes diarrhea, give it 4 lactase tablets promptly. If you don't have lactase at home, you can also feed lactic acid bacteria tablets and probiotics.
A rabbit's teeth are infinite, so you'll need a molar bar for it. Some rabbits like to bite on wires and the like, be careful.
Rabbits in cages should be active for more than 1 hour per day.
When catching rabbits, do not scratch the ears of rabbits, ears are important organs of rabbits.
Rabbit supplies should be cleaned and disinfected regularly.
For those who are raising rabbits for the first time, be sure to learn how to raise rabbits in advance! Make your rabbit healthier.