Plump And Juicy
Pears are not only sweet and delicious, crunchy and juicy, but also rich in nutrients. It contains many vitamins and fiber, and different kinds of pears have completely different tastes and textures.
Its efficacy and role:
1. Clear heat and calm.
Pear is cool in nature, can clear away heat and soothe the nerves. Regular consumption can normalize blood pressure and improve symptoms such as dizziness.
Pears can promote appetite, aid digestion, and have a diuretic laxative and antipyretic effect, which can replenish water and nutrition when there is a high fever.
2. Relieving phlegm and relieving cough.
Pear is slightly sour in taste and cool in nature.
Therefore, eating pears has a good effect on symptoms such as tuberculosis, bronchitis, throat diseases, asthma and upper respiratory tract infections.
3. Clear the mind and eliminate troubles.
Pear is a cold fruit, which has the effect of clearing the heart and eliminating vexation.
4. Improve constipation.
Pears contain more dietary fiber, which can stimulate the intestines, promote excretion, and relieve constipation. Therefore, eating pears can help improve constipation and promote the discharge of toxic substances in the body.
How to pick a good pear?
1. Look at the pear handle.
Generally, pear stems will appear in two colors, light green and black.
The pear shank is light green, and the surrounding pear flesh is relatively full, indicating that the pear has not been stored for a long time after picking, the pulp is relatively moist, the sweetness is high enough, and it tastes sweet and delicious.
Therefore, you should buy pears with greener stems, which means fresher pears.
2. Look at the skin of the pear.
When it comes to choosing pears, you'll probably prioritize smooth, flawless, better-looking pears.
In fact, on the contrary, the skin of ripe sweet pears will be rough, and even some small bumps will appear.
3. Look at the softness of the pear.
When buying a pear, touch the skin of the pear with your hand to feel how soft and hard the pear is. If the pear is firmer to the touch and has a firmer flesh, the pear is fresher and has a higher water content.
4. Feel the weight of the pear.
When buying pears, pick up two similar pears and feel the weight of both.
If it is a heavier pear, it means that it has more water content and tastes sweeter. It is also delicious to make ice candy Sydney.
And if the weight is lighter, it means that a lot of water in the pear has been lost, and the pulp of such a pear is dry and not sweet.
How to store pears.
Indoor storage method.
After the fruit is harvested, select the fruit that is free from insect pests and mechanical damage, and put it in the fruit basket or fruit box.
Fruit baskets or fruit boxes are lined with polyethylene fresh-keeping bags with a thickness of 0.06-0.07 mm. Move pears indoors when the outside temperature drops.
Air-conditioned storage.
In addition to simple air-conditioned storage in large tents and small packaging in plastic bags, air-conditioned warehouses and air conditioners can also be used for storage.
Do you like plump and juicy pears like this?